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We here at Calvary Chapel Breath of Life believe we are living in a society where
Truth is often suppressed by lies, hypocrisy, and deception.
The Lord has burdened us as a fellowship with a vision to establish
truth in a local community. We have been on a faith journey, as
 God has called us to build a church in the Westphalia community.

As we have prepared for building, the journey has taken us from a high rent location to Largo High School.
Here we have been able to save toward this
goal as we have worship in a “tent” putting up and taking down weekly for our services.
It was during this time, we have acquired the land and have
given faithfully to Project Truth for the building to begin.
The next important step for this body is to show our commitment toward the
completion of this building.

We recognize that bricks, steel and glass do not make us a church. But we also realize
what a vitally important tool a building is for reaching our community with the gospel.
There is so much more we want to do in terms of discipleship and spiritual growth,
but the lack of an available facility has been a hindrance to doing some of these things.
We look forward to the ability to meet regularly as a ministry and not have
restrictions on the days and times that we meet.

Let's work together.

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