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Resource Ministry
The CCBL Resource ministry desires to connect our congregation and site visitors to web resources to help with their spiritual growth.  This page is  designed to share links to various internet resources, ministries and materials.  Our goal is to have a staple set of resources while adding/removing links as appropriate to our current messages, ministry activities, and current events impacting our communities and church.
We are committed to providing biblically sound resources that focus on the centrality Jesus Christ and God's plan for reaching the world with the good news. The ministry is committed to values such as:Theology, Discipleship, Church Growth,  Servanthood,  and Accountability. For the building up of God's people and the equipping of the Saints for the work of the ministry.

Featured Resource of the Month

As we celebrate fathers this month, we would like to recommend two resources to help encourage and comfort you as you grow in your faith in Christ.

How to be a Godly Father, by Matthew Henry – The Westminster StandardHow to be a Godly Father, by Matthew Henry “With the church that is in their house”, 1 Cor 16:9. On 16th April 1704 Matthew Henry preached his famed sermon recommending family religion under the notion of the church in the house, asking that we take stock of the state of religion in our own private homes, whether it flourishes or withers.


Breaking the Cycle of Absent Fathers - Focus on the FamilyBreaking the Cycle of Absent Fathers A Family Legacy. George was a general in the army. In 1950, with the world wars over and prosperity booming, he enjoyed the benefits of his high rank.

Other Recommended Resources

Gotquestions.org is A great place to get your questions answered.
Crossway provides indepth articles and resources on various Christian topics.
For Christian Singles and Young Adults
Tough times require true hope.

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