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From Schemer to Worshiper pt. 2

From Schemer to Worshiper pt.2
Genesis 35:1-4 –
Scheming and deception had brought Jacob much cattle, servants, and wealth.  Yet with all that came sorrow, pain, and disrespect from his children.  There was no sign that he had known the way of God and he hadn’t heard from God until he wrestled with Him.  Just so Jacob doesn’t forget, God reminds him of his wayward ways through the lack of spiritual integrity in his children.  God does the same with us.
Jacob’s daughter was raped, his sons were mass murderers, his family is falling apart.  What should he do?

V.1 –
It’s back to where Jacob made these promises:

  • Yahweh would be his God
  • Bethel is His house
  • He would honor God first and with all that he gained

No matter how many times you fail the Lord, you can always go home if you repent.  We’ve seen it with David, Peter, the prodigal son, and Onesimus.

Before reaching the house of God there is some sanctification to God, as Jacob says “give me your idols, trinkets, and everything that’s associated with past sins.”  Jacob is cleaning house as he knows God does not permit any rivals for His worship.              

2 Corinthians 10:5-6 –
Don’t try and keep the sin that’s kept you down, as that will only hinder the Lord from lifting you up.  Jacob understood this.

Genesis 35:5-12 –
The Lord now gives Jacob favor with the people who undoubtedly had heard how his sons murdered their neighbors.  God extends to them grace because of Jacob’s obedience.  Rid of his idols, he’s back at Bethel – house of God.  Not a moment too soon his nanny dies.  Instead of relying on scheming or human psychology, for the first time in a crisis we see the Lord speaking, reminding Jacob of his name change from deceiver to governed by God.  He goes from a con man who schemes to a prince of God who trusts.  V.12 – The Lord reassures him that the promise given before his birth will come to pass.

Genesis 35:13-15 –
These verses show how a man can go from schemer to worshiper:

  • God speaks and Jacob listens – V.13
  • Jacob offers worship and God accepts – V. 14
  • Jacob cries out and God listens – V. 15

No matter what you’ve done in the past, this story should bring you hope.  No matter how bad your household is, this story should encourage you.  If you instruct your household in the ways of God, He will protect you and your household and receive them into His household.  Amen!

-Pastor Keith

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