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From Schemer to Worshiper

Jacob came from the line of Abraham and Isaac.  It was foretold to his parents that he, not his twin brother Esau, would carry on the Godly lineage - (Romans 9:13).  Even though Esau was the oldest, whom usually carried on the family line, God chose Jacob from the womb to do so.  Yet their parents, knowing about God’s choice, made choices themselves concerning it.  According to Genesis 25:27-28 Isaac favored Esau while Rebekah favored Jacob.

In Genesis 22 Isaac had willingly placed himself on the altar of God as a sign of obedience.      
In Genesis 24 he trusted God to choose his wife.                                                                                        
In Genesis 25 he knew how to pray and seek the mind of the Lord for his home.                                        

Yet with all these advantages going for him, because of favoritism he sowed seeds of discord and self- destruction that would plague his family for decades to come.

Genesis 25:29-34 – When you don’t trust God, you’ll attempt to steal even that which God was planning to give to you anyway.  Jacob (whose name means schemer) preys on his brother’s weakness in his flesh.  He knew the story from his mother how God would give him the birthright, but instead of trusting the Lord he relies on trickery and deception.

Genesis 27:11-24 – Isaac is ready to hand down the family blessing.  Rebekah overhears him telling Esau to hunt his favorite meal.  She calls Jacob and devises a scheme to trick Isaac who is blind and bedridden.

Esau realizes he’s been tricked out of the blessing and vows to kill Jacob.  Remember he’s an outdoorsman and Jacob’s a homebody, so it wouldn’t be too difficult.  Isaac and Rebekah, who caused this mess with their favoritism, try and fix it by sending Jacob away to his uncle Laban’s house.      

Genesis 28:13-22 - On his way there, the Lord spoke to him.  Jacob finds his uncle, falls in love with his daughter Rachel, but is tricked into marrying her sister Leah.  He then marries Rachel.  
This causes him to serve his uncle for 20 years.

-Pastor Keith